• Posted on: 1 December 2010
  • Updated on: 15 May 2014
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  • Annual report (published in Arabic, French and English): The annual report of the Central Bank of Tunisia is submitted to the President of the Republic by the Governor. The report provides a detailed analysis of the international environment and the national economic activity during the considered year.
  • Financial Statistics Bulletin (published in French and English): Provides economic, financial and monetary statistics as well as the methodology followed in their working-out. It is completed by a monthly supplement of the main external payments and financial indicators.
  • The economic situation periodical (published in Arabic, French and English): The economic situation periodical analyses briefly the major events of the national and international climate. It presents also the main economic, monetary and financial measures undertaken during the considered period.
  • Tunisia’s External Debt (published in French): The brochure of Tunisia’s External Debt presents a detailed analysis of the country’s outstanding debt trend and structure and a brief outlook on international environment.
  • Balance of payments (published in French): The brochure of the balance of payments presents the trend and structure of Tunisia’s economic and financial relations with abroad as well as the regulating measures undertaken during the considered year in external payments.
  • Banking Supervision (Published annually in Arabic, French and English): The publication of the first Annual Report of the Banking Supervision comes in the framework of a new tradition of disclosure and transparency based on the rules of good governance and international standards in the area of internal control.


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