Republic of South Africa

  • Posted on: 30 November 2010
  • Updated on: 30 November 2010
  • By: radmin

South Africa Yearbook 2009/10

The South Africa Yearbook gives a comprehensive account of the programmes and policies of our government as well as the current state of the South African nation. This publication is the official authoritative reference work on the Republic of South Africa and is updated annually.

South Africa – A winning nation

  1. Land and its people
  2. History
  3. Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries
  4. Arts and Culture
  5. Communications
  6. Economy
  7. Education
  8. Energy
  9. Environmental Affairs
  10. Finance
  11. Government System
  12. Health
  13. Human Settlements
  14. International Relations and Cooperation
  15. Justice and Correctional Services
  16. Mineral Resources
  17. Police, Defence and Intelligence
  18. Rural Development and Land Reform
  19. Science and Technology
  20. Social Development
  21. Sport and Recreation
  22. Tourism
  23. Transport
  24. Water Affairs


Pocket Guide to South Africa
Content of the quick-fact, easy-to-read publication is largely based on information contained in the latest edition of the South Africa Yearbook. The Pocket Guide is also aimed at providing a useful reference tool to inform South Africans and the world of efforts of government and the people of South Africa to create a better life for all.

Editor: Delien Burger (e-mail: Tel: 012 314 2410 Fax: 012 323 2557

How to order:

To obtain a copy of the SA Yearbook 2009/10 or Pocket Guide to South Africa 2009/10, please e-mail your request to, stating your postal address, physical address and telephone numbers.