Bank of Tanzania Reports

  • Posted on: 30 November 2010
  • Updated on: 30 November 2010
  • By: radmin

The Bank of Tanzania publishes the following reports in effort to promote public awareness and transparency on the economic policies and the economic performance/situation.

  • Annual Economic Report: The Bank of Tanzania Annual Reports provides a comprehensive cover-up on the economic situation with special reference to financial developments and the policies pursued by the Bank, and the Bank’s operations and financial statements during a financial year (eg. 2005/06). The publication also contains time series data on macroeconomic indicators.
  • Monetary Policy Statement: The monetary policy statement reports produced by the Bank of Tanzania focuses at providing review on; macroeconomic performance, the monetary policy framework and implementation, targets and future prospects. The report is prepared and released semi annually - in January and June and is presented and discussed in the Parliament
  • Quarterly Economic Bulletin: The Bank of Tanzania Quarterly Economic Bulletin reports on: Output and Price developments; Monetary and Financial developments; External Sector developments; Economic developments in Tanzania Zanzibar; and on International Economic Outlook. The report provides annual and quarterly statistical on macroeconomic indicators and brief explanation behind the developments in the indicators.
  • Monthly Economic Report: The Monthly Economic reports provides monthly review on inflation developments, monetary and financial developments, and external sector developments.

The reports are available from the Bank of Tanzania website.

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