Vision, Mission and Values

  • Posted on: 30 November 2010
  • Updated on: 12 June 2012
  • By: radmin

Our Vision:

"To be a world-class model central bank focused on its core objectives with a highly qualified and motivated staff that has access to the state-of-the-art technology".

 Our Mission:

"To maintain price stability that is conducive to the attainment of financial and macroeconomic stability conducive to a balanced and sustainable growth of the national economy of Tanzania".

 Value Statement:

“We are committed to maintaining high standards of corporate integrity and social responsibility. Sharing of knowledge and experiences openly within and across our business shall be of paramount importance. In striving for excellence, we shall train and empower staff and focus resources on performance initiatives that deliver desired results. Those results include the promotion of the development of a strong, modern and efficient financial system to serve the national economy of Tanzania.” 

The Bank’s core values are specified as follows:

i. Creativity

 We put emphasis on generating workable and innovative ideas and techniques to improve current practices or processes; we exploit new technologies to create better ways of conducting our business and create a conducive environment in which every member of staff questions status quo, generates new ideas and learns constantly.

ii. Empowerment

We seek to improve effectiveness and efficiency by creating a framework within which members of staff at all levels can exercise control over their work and take responsibility for their actions. Through appropriate leadership/managerial practices and structures, we take deliberate steps to develop our staff, involve them in finding solutions to specific issues and problems and create a shared vision and corporate values.

 iii. Accountability

As supervisor and regulator of the financial system we respond appropriately to stakeholder concerns. We take responsibility and ownership of all that we do at corporate and individual employee levels; we build the required capacity and create the enabling environment for staff to meet performance standards, own up the results of their actions, learn and innovate effectively on the basis of those outcomes/results.

 iv. Teamwork

We expect our staff to be team players. We believe in teamwork to harness multiple skills and experiences of our staff to accomplish key work objectives and promote cooperative behavior among staff. We seek contributions of all staff to improve quality of outputs and organizational effectiveness. We shall carefully select team members, set realistic goals for teams, assess and recognize their performance as appropriate.

 v. Excellence

 We seek the highest quality of performance possible in all that we do. To achieve this, we set directions and clear performance goals in a participatory manner. We create requisite structures, employ appropriate management styles and invest heavily in training and development of our staff to enable them attain desired levels of professionalism necessary for achieving excellence in their jobs. We assess regularly employee performance and recognize extraordinary achievements through a rigorous procedure.


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