• Posted on: 26 November 2010
  • Updated on: 26 November 2010
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The Bank of Namibia through its Statistics and Publications Division, within the Research Department publishes a set of monthly, quarter and annually economic and related statistics. Following below are the key areas of these statistics:

 Balance of Payments

The balance of payments (BoP) statistics reflect on all transactions between Namibians and the rest of the world. The BoP has two main sectors namely the Current account and the Capital and Financial account. This section further reflects on exchange rates.

 Monetary and Financial Statistics

The monetary and financial statistics mainly reflect transactions of the banking sector in Namibia. This includes Assets and Liabilities of commercial banks, other banking institutions and the detailed account of the Bank of Namibia. The figures reflected in these tables are all on an aggregated basis.

 Real Sector

The real sector statistics cover developments in the real sector of the Namibian economy. These data include, among others, GDP, investments, expenditures and income , as well as price developments. The source of the real sector tables is the Central Bureau of Statistics.

 Government Finance Statistics

The Government Finance statistics cover the income and the expenditure of the Government that consists of the General Government and all its units or affiliated institutions, particularly the ones controlled and financed by the Government.

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